Why Am I Here?

Oct 23, 2022 | Virtues of the Heart

Practicing the Six Heart Virtues is not easy; I am constantly reminded of this. Remembering to apply them or even thinking about them in my daily experiences is one of the most challenging things.

I have tried several methods to trigger myself to remember to activate the virtues throughout my day. The methods keep changing, but I think the virtues are becoming a part of my consciousness more and more, so something is working. In this process, I apply compassion directed at myself more than any other virtue, because I have a quick tendency to get down on myself if I don’t get things right. However, I notice this tendency and can apply the virtues on myself even in the process of trying to remember.

The method I use now is that I repeat a simple statement whenever I have a moment of presence. In those moments of awareness, I may catch myself deep in the drama of my world, fully immersed in ego identification. It is then that I repeat this statement:

“Why am I here?”

It is not so much a question as it is a statement, a trigger, a reminder of who I am, what I am, and why I am here.

This triggers my state of being in that moment and it causes a shift in my consciousness to the present moment.

In activating this state, I remember the following:

1.  I fully accept and appreciate this moment.

No judgment, no resistance, no need to change it

2. I am a being that lives inside a human body, by choice.

I am the observer

3. I am here in this moment to transmit and receive love.

I am that.

4. I am a human vehicle, by which love can enter this world.

Love and Light flow through me

5. I do this by transmitting and receiving the Heart Virtues.

Through my actions and behaviors

6. How can I best serve this moment?

Be still and listen.

Once I connect with this sense of Self and purpose, I feel that I can handle any situation. Even in the most mundane situations, I can live with purpose. There is no judgment on the situation. Some situations are more challenging and require a higher level of persistence and the will to stay with it. Others seem too inconsequential for applying the virtues, but the present moment is truly the point of power, the point of life.

One of the most important and freeing things I have learned, is the first step, accepting what is, no matter what I am encountering at that time. This one shift eliminated a lifetime of struggle, constantly trying to change what is, fighting what is, judging what is, or resisting what is. It enabled me to see and process anything that needs to come up to the surface and be released.

In Michael Singer’s latest book, Living Untethered: Beyond the Human Predicament, he writes beautifully and with direct sober wisdom.

I will close with the following quote from his book.

“The highest life you can live is when every single moment that comes before you is better off because it did. Serve the present moment with all your heart and soul. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone did that.

Start by raising what appears before you. If you can’t even serve what is put in front of you, how are you going to change the world? If you are getting so upset about conditions in the world that you’re edgy with everyone around you, you’re not helping anyone. If you can’t create harmony within your own household, what right do you have to complain that countries are shooting missiles at each other? You have to live a life that, if everyone lived it, there would be peace. If you can’t do that, you’re part of the problem, not the solution….

Once you learn to let go of the reactionary noise of personal thoughts and emotions, things will become clear. You will know how to work with the situation in front of you. If you’re conscious, present, and paying attention, you will know what to do. … If your motive is to let go of yourself and serve the moment in front of you, you are worthy of great respect. How would you like to meet somebody whose entire motive and purpose in life is to first let go of their personal blockages and then do their best to serve what’s in front of them? They can’t go wrong because their motive is pure. If the motive itself is pure and impersonal, in the end, it will spread light.

Be sure your motive is pure, then don’t look back.”

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