The Universe, The Ultimate Teacher

If I pay attention—really pay attention—as I go about my day, I will notice the decisions I make continuously. I make countless decisions: what to eat, which way to turn, what to think, what to say, how to respond to others, how to spend my time, to follow an impulse, and so on. If I’m aware enough in the moment of making a decision, I can notice what influenced me to make that decision. It can be very subtle and almost undetectable.

The moment of choice is often met with wanting to feel pleasure or avoidance of discomfort (fear). Fear influences many of our decisions. When we choose out of fear, we stay in the assumed safety of the familiar. No one likes to feel fear. Our fear is birthed from past experiences that were unpleasant, hurtful, or traumatizing. The memories of these old fears are the buttons that get pushed when we are confronted with situations or thoughts of the past or a future that will ignite the old painful memory. The feeling arises, and the decision to avoid it is made.

This all happens in an instant.

We are naturally expanding beings (or consciousness), and we have free will, yet we can repress that expansion (or expanded consciousness) by making a decision not to venture into the unknown, not to follow our dreams, not to smile at a stranger, not to show love, not to forgive, not to express our heart’s desire.

We express our free will but use it to repress and limit our reality, creation, and life. It is our choice.

This happens hundreds or thousands of times each day and because we have free will, we have the power to do this, even to our detriment. Most of the time, this is done unconsciously, and we don’t realize we have made a decision, much less why. We don’t know that we have limited our creation (our reality) as the creator.

So much of the growth movement is about becoming aware, conscious, or present.

I must be aware of what is happening in my inner world of mind and emotions so I can change my reality. I must become aware of my choices and understand why I make them. I can only do this if I am paying attention to my world in the present moment. Once I do that, I can make different choices; I can follow my heart.

The fear will still come up, but I will be aware of it. It will be obvious, and it will not feel good, and my tendency will be to make a decision to avoid feeling the fear (or pain).

Part of my newly awakened decision-making process is that I will allow the fear to be held, to feel it fully. I will bring it to the surface of my consciousness. By doing this, I see it differently; it is the king with no clothes, an imposter masquerading as me. It was an experience from long ago, perhaps when I was quite young and did not have the tools or understanding to process it. I can make a different choice in that moment, and have compassion and understanding for my younger self, who did the best he could to survive at that time. It remained unresolved, and I repressed it. Now, in my awareness, I can have valor to hold the discomfort, fear, anger, or whatever I am holding on to and feel it fully while applying whatever heart virtues arise.

I use my decision-making choices to identify my fears. This is the instant of expansion or contraction. I can regain control of what I am creating in my reality. My fear will tell me why I am making certain decisions that are not in line with my highest intentions.

“The universe puts in front of you the situations and the people that are going to show you how you can evolve and grow. Sometimes, these people or this situation may be uncomfortable and painful, but whenever you release that pain and you break that pattern is when you get the lesson.”

 Yanet Borrego

The universe will continually create situations that need attention. It will mirror situations that amplify the fear that I’m still carrying inside me. The universe knows I am limiting myself and wants me to expand in consciousness. It does not matter how many times I choose out of fear, the universe will continue to show me my self-imposed limitations. It will provide another opportunity to make a new choice, a choice to expand. A choice to align with my higher self, the intelligence of love. It is not punishing me.

I can choose to continue making decisions out of fear and see my life as justification for why I need to make the decisions I make. It’s a frightening world, and I have to protect myself. I have proof; that I have been hurt before. I can continually avoid feeling fear because it is too uncomfortable for the rest of my life. It is my choice to stay small.

But most of the decisions I make out of fear are unconscious and based on something from my past that is not relevant today. It needs to be seen and felt now. If I am willing to notice the fear when making a decision and I’m willing to feel it and allow it to be expressed, I can release it with appreciation to the universe for showing me where I need to look.

The universe (or reality) will always be the mirror of my inner world, a reflection of how I am creating my reality. It is my best friend, my teacher, and my most reliable companion. It is bound by our connection and shared consciousness that wants one thing for me, the human that is me, to be free, to be limitless, to be a creator, and to know my expansive self.

I apply the six heart virtues in this process of noticing what influences my decisions. I use valor to face the fear, to be willing to look deeper. I use compassion for my younger self as I inquire into the sources of my fear, and I can understand that he made the best choice he could at the time. When the six heart virtues are applied in a genuine manner, they express and radiate love. They are the carrier wave of love, and nothing can be more healing than that. I have profound appreciation for the universe that is always there showing me the way.

The Universe, my beloved ever-present companion and teacher.

“The Universal Entity is responsive to the individual and its perceptions and expressions. It is like a composite omni-personality that is imbued with Source Intelligence and responds to the perceptions of the individual like a pool of water mirrors the image that overshadows it. Everyone in a human instrument is indeed, at their innermost core, a sovereign entity that can transform the human instrument into an instrument of the Sovereign Integral. However, this transformation is dependent on whether the individual chooses to project an image of a Sovereign Integral upon the “mirror” of the Universal Entity, or project a lesser image that is a distortion of its true state of being.”

James Mahu, Philosophy Chamber One

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