The Theater of Life

Jul 28, 2023 | Virtues of the Heart

“If Life could speak to us, it might say: “I don’t want to be just a great escape for you. I want to hold a revelatory life for you. I want you to understand the theater in which you live, and I want you to live for the greater cause after you realize it is all theater. I want you to practice kindness, as if it were the only thing you came here to do”

–James Mahu, Founding Insights, pg 4, MOCI.Life

I love this quote, and when I first read it, even though it was somewhat familiar, I was energized by the thought of life as a theater, with me as the director, and kindness as my only purpose.

If life is a theater, then I am actually the co-director. I say co-director, because the theater takes place on the great stage called The Universe (or the One Consciousness).

So, what is this story called my life that is being played out as my reality? If I am the co-director, why are things happening that I don’t like or don’t want to happen? As the co-director, I choose all the characters in the play to perform their roles in the greater arc of the story that I am living.

Do I really want to take that responsibility? Do I really believe that all the characters in my life are created by me?

So many books on this subject fall under the general topic of “creating your reality “, so what can I add to this subject? I am conscious of this idea, and I make the choice to lean into it, I can offer my experiences and understanding of my own theater of life. I am an experiencer of this idea, which gives me (and you) the right to talk about it, and to share our experiences because we are living it.

Although it has been said many times and in different ways, the saying “you reap what you sow” as quoted in the Bible is an appt statement in this theater analogy. It seems obvious to me that what we put out to life we see the result of that output, it’s pretty simple. The problem is that most of us don’t really know what we are putting into our life, it falls under the guise of unconscious beliefs and behaviors. I can certainly relate to this, I have old patterns of beliefs and behaviors that even with persistent conscious effort, are very hard to change.

As I observe my own theater being played out in front of me, I ask myself do I really own the role of co-creator? Or is it only intellectually held? I guess the answer lies in the fact that some doubt and uncertainty linger within my mind that makes me feel I’m powerless over what is happening in front of me.

This is the default state of almost everyone and we need an upgrade. The upgrade, in my case, is seeing myself as a co-creator who IS the power behind the theater of life.

As I have written in many of my blogs, the Six Heart Virtues are the means by which I gain control over my life, or in other words, the theater. How do the Six Heart Virtues play a part in the theater?

As the theater plays out in front of me, I constantly run into challenges, situations, people, news, desires, and fears, and I make choices almost every second or minute, hundreds or thousands a day. These choices are made based on my history, my beliefs, environment, my family lineage, and the social program I live in. All the choices are made with two underlying unconscious needs, I want to avoid pain and seek pleasure or survival. This is universal for all. Because they are mostly unconscious, I am not aware of making the decisions I am making all day long. So I must become conscious of them.

Here’s an example, my wife and I were scheduled to go out with another couple to an event and I was not looking forward to it. I was fighting it in my mind and looking for reasons to avoid it. Yet here it was, unfolding in my theater of life and I was about to step into the play with these actors.

I recognized this resistance was going on in my mind, I was fighting life, judging, and wanting to avoid discomfort. But what was the real reason?

I decided to change the play. The projection. I would view this coming situation through the eyes of the Six Heart Virtues. I made a choice to accept the role of co-director, therefore, I could direct my own choices, thoughts, reactions, actions, and behaviors as I interact with the play of life.

I was going to this event, and I was going release all my resistance and any judgment about it or any people involved. I decided to express any virtues that were appropriate for this event. I could see a shift as I applied Understanding to this situation viewing it from a different perspective. I understood that I had the power to change the situation by changing my projections. I forgave myself for the judgments I had of others and decided to view the situation as an opportunity to practice the heart virtues. I felt the Humility of being human. My goal in life (the theater) is to be kind, loving, learn and enjoy the ride. This then became the play in which I the main character, would become the bringer of kindness.

Now I could go to the event with a new mission, perspective, and intention. I took control of my role as co-director and as the main character! I eliminated any negative thoughts and emotions and replaced them with a willingness to apply the Six Heart Virtues of Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding, and Valor. This gave me the tools to use in any interaction while at this event. The play of life took a new and beautiful meaning for me.

Instead of judgment, resistance, and projecting a negative experience I could apply my creativity as a co-creator in this simple everyday situation. It turned out to be far from a simple situation, as I was the presence of love and kindness wherein the others could feel that in our interactions.

It may seem like such a simple example, but it can be used in any situation and the results will be the same. We take control of our own role and responsibility to co-create the theater of life.

The next time it may be more challenging, or it may be a seemingly inconsequent situation, but it is in the doing, the “choice-making” that reality shifts and changes the play.

We are the co-creators of the theater of life.

Without focus, the other steps on the bridge will not be effective or even achievable. Focusing must come first, and be consistent throughout the journey. It is the means by which all sections of the bridge can be crossed.

Cross the bridge to the Sovereign Integral

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