The One Certainty

Jun 1, 2023 | Virtues of the Heart

There is one sure thing that all of us have in common, and it is always the same for all of us.

That is that we are here now, conscious of ourselves, aware that we exist, a conscious being.

This has always been so; even as I was a child exploring my world through sight, sound, and feelings, I took the first steps in recognition of myself as a self-aware being.

It will always be so; even when I leave this body, I will retain this sense of self, awareness, and consciousness.

Scientists, neologists, phycologists, philosophers, mystics, and religions don’t understand consciousness. They all state their various views based on their tribal doctrines, but consciousness is not understood by any of them.

Yet, we are all conscious. Consciousness was not born on Earth nor born from human biology, as some would say. Consciousness inhabits everything.

Consciousness remains a mystery that we inherently seek to understand.

The conscious level of a human body, mind, and emotions is a limited state of consciousness. It is not being aware of the larger picture. It is living in duality and excepting that is all there is.

The larger picture is an expanded embodiment or realization of higher consciousness, but it is beyond the limited human duality-centric level of consciousness capacity to understand.

Expanded consciousness is entering a new order of understanding where we are connected to all things, one consciousness, yet experiencing our world as an individual self with many other individual selves.

A paradox for sure, but moving to the next level of consciousness is the next step in our evolution in consciousness. It must happen and will happen.

We have been living in a small box called duality for thousands and thousands of years, thinking that we are what we experience through our bodies, senses, thoughts, and emotions. All of this has been in a reality of duality and separation, therefore not seeing or understanding that we are all connected to each other and every other thing that exists.

This limited consciousness is the source of all our problems because it is a small fraction of consciousness. It hides the truth of who and what we are and the vast horizons that are accessible outside that limited state.

Why is this important to me? What difference does it make to me?

Why should I change my perspective from a human-centric being to an interconnected being?

When I view the state of the world now, I see the harmful impact of global warming; I see wars raging around the world, poverty, violence, racism, apathy, and millions of refugees seeking asylum in neighboring countries, including where I live. I see governments entrenched in deceptive ideological battles fueled by big business interests and tribal bias. I see technology changing the world at a pace few can grasp. I see the birth of artificial intelligence (AI), which will introduce a new technology that will change life on Earth as we know it. Unfortunately, with new technologies, there were developed for positive use. However, the negative side is too often exploited. Humans have proved this over and over again, and AI is no exception.

These are all happening now, and I can not do anything to stop them.

I am a conscious being; this is certain. I am in the world I see. What can I do now, today, at this moment?

If limited consciousness is the cause of these problems, then I want to expand my consciousness and be part of the solution.

One of the ways that I do this is to reframe and change my interactions with my local reality experience. I can continue as a reactive person to all that I experience, as I have done for much of my life, or I can take control of how I interact with my reality. In other words, I will take the driver’s seat of my life experience.

This means that I will monitor myself in how I respond to the world that I see in my behaviors, thoughts, and particularly my emotional state.

This is where the six heart virtues come in; they are the tools I use to shift and expand my consciousness out of a duality mindset.

I am one person; how can I make a difference? Being one person in a world of interconnectedness and equality makes me just as important as everyone and everything. I make a difference in the way I behave in the interconnected space of the one interconnectedness. My vibration is felt by everyone even though I cannot see its effect.

Bumble Bees and the Gravitational Momentum of Apathy

I have two large doors in my art studio that open up to a beautiful view. I like to keep them open, but I quickly found out that bees and other flying insects love to come into my studio. This was a problem having bees zooming around me, so I would close the doors. 

The bees were lost, trapped in a place they did not understand, frantically trying to escape. I viewed them as living beings with the right to live. I had the power to help them survive, to free them. So, I set out to catch them and release them. This was a challenge as they were fast and rarely landed, but I persisted and managed the free them all.

I wanted my doors open, and I solved the problem by buying a large screen that I hung over the doorway. It works perfectly; no more bees or bugs!

Did that expand my consciousness? Did it change my life?

Actually, yes, on both accounts. After I freed them, I felt a sense of connection and equality with the bees and nature. This feeling was the very state that enabled me to be the presence of interconnectedness. This is the embodiment of the state of higher consciousness.

A small, seemingly insignificant example, but it is entering a state of higher consciousness, if only for a few seconds, which leads to the next embodiment and the next embodiment and the next embodiment.

The Lucky Worm

An artist friend was visiting my studio, and as we were walking along the stone path, he suddenly stopped and bent down. I watched as he picked up a worm that was squirming in the hot sun. He gently picked it up and released it onto the grass where it could safely burrow underground.

I stopped and smiled at my friend and said. “That was such a beautiful thing to do,” I said.

“It is no effort for me to help a worm; I could see it was in trouble,” he replied, shrugging his shoulders as if it was nothing.

There is a saying that goes like this, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

My friend was conscious and aware enough to see a worm on the ground in trouble, and he could not walk by without helping it.

This one gesture showed me how he does everything. A beautiful, kind, gentle conscious being who sees the interconnectedness of all things, even in the tiniest interactions. This is but one example of embodying interconnectedness.

The certainty of being is its own reward.

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