The Bringer of Love

Apr 19, 2023 | Virtues of the Heart

If you have an understanding of the six heart virtues, you know that each virtue is a component of love when expressed or received. Collectively expressed, they are like a symphony of divine love.

“The most powerful coherent energy on the planet (throughout the multiverse) is the intelligence of love issuing from the Central Sun and conducted by
Spirit to all dimensions of existence.

Love. Yes, love is powerfully intelligent. It has an intelligence that shines so bright that it is the light we see in every dimension of consciousness.”

Acceleration Exercise of the Energetic Heart
John Berges, p. 2.

I have the power to express or withhold love. I choose to express or receive the virtues. I make that decision, and you could say I make that decision every second of my life as I interact with my local multiverse.

I’m either a giver or a withholder of love.

Love in this context is the fabric, or issuing field from First Source, that gives us life, sustains us, and connects and embodies everything. The feeling of love comes when we are in alignment with Source. We feel this energy, and we call it love. We may attribute it to someone or something that triggers this feeling. Thus we say I feel love or I love you or I love this or that. We touch the fabric of Source that is always there and present as pure life itself.

As a being that is capable of expressing the six heart virtues, it would stand to reason that I control how much love comes into the world through me. I am responsible for that. You are responsible for the love that flows through you.

Why would I not do that?

We live in duality, the very premise of which is separation. I am a separate being. Separate from everyone and everything, and separate from God or Source. The very nature of being separate here on earth is to survive as a separate vulnerable being. Survival goes well beyond having a roof over our heads and enough to eat. The separate self or ego needs to continuously assert itself as this separate self. Thus we have an infinite display of manifestations in support of the ego self as who I am.

The reality of duality makes a compelling case for this idea that I am a separate being as we all are. Most people are locked in that paradigm, and so it has been for thousands of years.

If I truly believed that I would not be writing this blog. I don’t see myself as an animal with a short life, alone, separate, and powerless.

The reason I practice the six heart virtues is to transcend the dualistic ego identification and know myself as who I truly am. That may sound like a new age cliché, but I have learned to rely on my inner voice to guide me toward that goal.

The goal is not a normal goal I place in the future; The goal is achieved in every moment. I use the moments of my life to be the transcended self in life itself, my everyday life. Life is the means by which I become the Self, Sovereign, or Soul here now, not in the future.

I do this by expressing the virtues as much as I can. When I do this, I am the embodiment of the Sovereign in this body at this time. Right now, I fluctuate between being an ego in duality and being sovereign. It is not a race, nor is it a distant end goal. It is the continual choice to be the bringer of love to this world, not for just me but for all, which is not easy.

I recently had an experience that really showed me how easy it is to fall out of the practice. I had been planning to display one of my sculptures in a location that was broadly agreed to by a property owner. Just before I was going to start preparing the foundation and laying a secure base, I asked him to come and discuss the location. Much to my surprise, he had many restrictions around the sculptures’ locations. He suggested displaying it in a fenced-off area where he said it would be safe from possible damage.

I understood his concern and felt I was being mindful of those concerns in my selected location. But he was adamant in his stance. My ego was activated! The location he suggested was very messy and unkempt. In my mind, it was totally unacceptable as the sculpture would also be partially hidden by a dilapidated fence.

I could feel my body tensing, judgments were flowing, and my defenses were engaged, all while I tried to keep my cool. After suggesting some other locations, it became futile, and I just said ok, I’ll think about it.

My mind was on fire with disappointment, anger, and judgment. In this state, I can’t really do anything productive.

The six heart virtues were not on my mind; my mind was projecting all kinds of scenarios, all negative!

I could see what was happening and could not stop my mind. I had a feeling I needed to talk to someone and vent.

I called the most trusted and supportive person in my life my wise, loving wife. I explained the situation, my tone revealing my disappointment, anger, and judgments. She acknowledged that it was a difficult situation and that she could understand my frustration. She then said it might be good to forgive him first. Hearing this was like fireworks going off in my mind. I had completely forgotten to apply any of the virtues. We went on to discuss the situation and how I could approach this differently by honoring him and myself. As usual, my wife provided the wisdom I needed.

This was a humbling moment for me. To see how easily I could fall out of the practice of applying the virtues. It was a powerful reminder that being a transmitter of love (heart virtues) is the most intelligent option to meet anything that comes up in my life.

I gave up my disappointment and judgment in exchange for expressing forgiveness, compassion, understanding, and appreciation. I gave up my need to fight life. I found peace in allowance. With the virtues guiding my actions, the sculpture was eventually installed in a location we both agreed was perfect for both of us.

The universe once again provided me with a perfect situation for me to strengthen my ability to transmit love into my world. It showed me that everything I experience is there to help align me to do just that. I have to listen to that inner voice.

Sometimes these situations can be very challenging, this one could have escalated to a much more serious situation, but I stopped, chose to look deeper, and listened to my heart for guidance.

There is nothing quite like being the bringer of love to the world.

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