Source Sync, the Three Behaviors of Coherence

Oct 3, 2022 | Virtues of the Heart

As mentioned in an earlier post, while walking my dog, I have some of what I would call the most profound spiritual experiences. I think these walks are among my most peaceful, meditative activities that I do throughout the week. It is easy to relax and just enjoy the scenery, trees, building architecture or just the feel of the breeze or the sun on my face.

I’m very conscious of my dog Leo, because I am walking him, the time is for him and myself, I like to think we are equals on our walks. I will have to stop frequently for him to smell something and leave his mark. This is what he likes to do, often! I am pretty patient for the most part.

I try to be as present as possible while I’m walking, it has become a meditative practice for me. I incorporate the three Source Sync behaviors of coherence from the paper Evt 3: Temple of Spiritual Activism:


Explore your perspective without judgment
(creating a breathing space for your Presence to emerge)
Finding your position in a situation


Become the observer, not the personality
(no conclusions; only the learning can come through)
Finding your spiritual center


Release ownership of energy, to resolve, to solve...
(allowing Source to create & emanate through you and all things)
Finding you connection to Source

These behaviors help me to stay present, open to Source and aware of what my experience is at any given moment. It is a means of being still, without thought, just being the observer of what is. Using these three behaviors in my interchange with my reality, I can better manage my emotional and mental state. They act as a buffer to the automatic emotional triggers that get touched throughout my day. Sometimes, just repeating the words shifts my state of being to a more peaceful with what is.

These moments come in subtle phases, first, there is an awareness of spaciousness, where everything seems expansive. This is a calm state, very peaceful, but I’m very alert. Then there is an awareness of a Presence welling up in me. This Presence seems very powerful in a way that I’m not I’m sure I can contain it.

Feelings of joy and love envelope me. 

This feeling and the things that I am witnessing seem to merge together as one. They seem so interconnected that I can’t differentiate the feeling from the seen or imagined. 

It is so encompassing and connected. 

Kind of beautiful!

I am consciously aware of it happening and I feel there is nowhere I would rather be, I am so satisfied and fulfilled in that moment. It is almost too much to contain. A wave of Appreciation flows through me and I rest in Humility.

My Understanding is that I have experienced Source in some small way.

Perhaps I will learn to be able to allow more of it in, eventually.

As in life, the ego self is always lurking in the background and sooner than later, asserts itself and I am back in the world and the mind is activated again.

The bliss fads away, but the Appreciation mixed with Humility remain. It sets the tempo of my day. The lingering feeling is that there is much more to life than meets the eye which leads me to feel hopeful and enthusiastic about what is possible!

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