Small Moments

Mar 2, 2023 | Virtues of the Heart

There are 1,440 minutes in a day, and 86,400 seconds in a day.

Over any 24-hour day, how often can I say I was really awake, present, and consciously doing what is in front of me?

I have to admit, not many. Most of the minutes in my life seem inconsequential and I tend to cruise unconsciously by them. For most of those minutes, I am lost in thought or some other form of distraction.

I’m not really fully alive in most of those moments.

Catching a small moment

However, there are small moments that stand out as shining examples of what it is like to be fully alive and engaged in the world.

Recently, while driving to an appointment I caught myself thinking about what “could” be, I was lost in thought, tense, agitated, and mentally at war with a self-created mental fantasy projection. In other words, I was doing what I usually do!

To my credit, I did catch myself this time. It was a relief, just to notice it. I love it when this happens.

This triggers me to use the method that Michael Singer suggests in his book, The Untethered Soul:

I notice what is going on in my inner world (mental, emotional, and physical)
I relax my body
I release any attachment to the inner thoughts and feelings

I may have to repeat a few times to let it set in

Applying The Six Heart Virtues

Then I follow up with activating the six heart virtues. In this particular case, they were directed inward.

I felt compassion for myself as this is very common, we all get lost in thought. Everyone!

I appreciated that I noticed it.

I focus on the courage to resist and stand up to my ego and stay in stillness, as the observer.

In this state, a wave of calm slowly enveloped my entire body.

I become aware of where I am, my surroundings, the colors, textures, sounds, and objects. It is like I was suddenly awakened from sleep-waking. There is beauty in just being aware of myself and my sensory input in the environment which was passing by me.

Everything seems alive, connected, and beautiful.

I shifted from the thinker to the observer.

Yet I knew I was still in my body, having a life experience, but gone was any commentary, judgments, anxiety, or analysis.

A stark reminder of the difference between being present in the world and being lost and distracted in the world.

Moving on

That moment passed, and I continued with my day with a sense of appreciation for being awake and more fully alive.

There was nothing I wanted or needed.

This small moment could have been like so many others, but I noticed it and it changed my perspective and how I would show up for the balance of that day.

As I moved on, my only purpose was to be fully present with everything planned or unplanned that passed through my consciousness.

What happened?

Practicing the six heart virtues unified me with the world and the social program. The virtues bring my emotional and mental states into alignment so that I can function at an optimal level. My heart informs my activities.

When I align with my heart, I can think clearly, and make better decisions, I’m more relaxed, I feel secure, and I’m not lost in my thoughts about yesterday or tomorrow.

The state of alignment is quiet; there is inner stillness, and space is created for something new to emerge, drawn from the subconscious and unconscious mind. New ideas, inspiration, problem-solving, creativity, enhanced imagination, and insight come in the form of feelings, intuition, and direct knowing. A sense of joy in being alive accompanies this state.

If I am emotionally and energetically unstable, fearful, or scattered, and I am lost in my ego mind or feeling overwhelmed, I can not create something new. Joy will also be elusive.

When I catch these small seemingly inconsequential moments and then express the heart virtues, it causes a shift in my state of being in which I feel deeply connected with the universe.

They are cumulative and as I catch them more often, their effect helps me stay in a state of alignment more and more throughout my day.

The small moments start to add up and a new deeper, more expansive way of co-creation emerges in my life expression.

I love the small moments.

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