Nothing is More Important

Dec 1, 2023 | Virtues of the Heart

There is nothing, absolutely nothing more important…

Many would say that life is the most important gift we have. I think they refer to our life generally as a linear time-based string of years that includes all of our experiences within that life. If so, why is it that we don’t live our lives with a level of gratitude that would reflect how precious our life is?

Most of us, including myself, are living our lives mostly in a state of automatic reactionary response to the world we encounter. In this reactive state, we are influenced by the bewildering amount of sensory input that is thrust upon us every day or even every hour. This sensory input spans the range of every possible scenario that can affect our well-being, safety, financial security, survival, personal relationships, careers, aspirations, and much more. It is challenging not to be affected by everything that comes into our personal sphere of experience. It can feel like the weight of the world is hanging over us.

If I am living my life consumed and focused on everything that is happening around me, then I’m not really living a full life. My attention or awareness is distracted. It takes self-reflection and awareness to see this, to feel it, and to accept that it is happening. When it is unacknowledged, it becomes a normal way of living in a state of perpetual fear, uncertainty, powerlessness, and suffering. It can last a lifetime. Is that the life that we are saying is important?

I agree that the most important thing we have is life, but I see it a little differently. I see life in this case as a moment in time, the present moment. This is where life exists and is the point of power. Life only exists now; all past and future experiences are experienced in the now moment. That is the precious gift we all share. It can be hard to wrap our heads around that and understand why it even matters.

If life exists only in this present moment, what makes that so important?

Why don’t I live my life from that understanding and appreciation it more often? Because the magnetic pull of the perpetual sensory input combined with the momentum of an unexamined way of living is a powerful force and almost seems impossible to change. But not impossible in small steps.

What is so important about the present moment?

The present moment is the point of power and where consciousness lives. Our consciousness is our essence which is what every person seeks in a million ways, even when they don’t know what they are seeking – the core of who we are. The power comes when we bring our focus or awareness into the now, which is the only time that we have control over. We have no control outside of the present moment. Most of us are consumed by projections of the future or the past. Thus, there is no or very little conscious control over our reality. Once we are present, we can make decisions from that place of clarity. Those intentions that are born in the present moment, clear of mental noise, will become my reality. The present moment is the birthing place of my form-based reality.

If I am consumed by thinking about the future or past, my future reality is being driven by those thoughts, feelings, and actions. I’m living an unconscious life. I am not connected to my essence, I am missing the point of power, I have given my focus (or you could say attention or consciousness) away to my thinking mind that is lost in thought about the future or past. That does not make for a life of importance.

If I really want to use the present moment to fulfill my purpose and live life fully and connect to my core, then I have to make a decision in that space. I have to let go of thinking or at least manage it much better.

One of the beautiful things I can do with my life is to be the expression of love. To allow love to inform me in the birthing chamber of reality creation. This is aligning to my core.


When I notice that I am out of balance, lost in thought, worrying, and fearful, I can take a breath, let go of my thoughts, and find the still point inside me. Once I have done that, I am present with life. It is not passive and may only last a few seconds, but once again it is the point of power and nothing is more important. A few seconds is good enough.

So what can I do?

The heart is the portal to our core. Love is the emissary of source. The six heart virtues are love in our actions and behaviors. They give us a means to be in love, receive love, and transmit love. Love is the field in which we live, it is our connection to our source, and it is the highest form of intelligence. The heart virtues are a means by which we align ourselves with source and invite it into our lives. Our lives become the expression of source in each moment through the virtues.

Here’s how it works.

When I find myself lost in thought, worrying, tense, and suffering consumes me, I am in an unstable emotional state that grips me. My mind is racing, going over the same scenario again and again as I try to defend myself against problems that do not exist, at least right now. It is all projection at this point. But then, like a light piercing through a crack in a darkened room, suddenly my situation is illuminated. I see the thoughts, my fear, my emotional turmoil, and the tension in my body. I see I am becoming exhausted from this negative cage I have put myself in.

In that instant (the point of power), I decided to take control of my life and follow a different path. Here are the general stages of transformation when I can be present and apply the six heart virtues:

1. I am aware of my present state being lost in thought.
2. I take responsibility for making a decision in the present moment.
3. I know I am in a low state, so I need to be kind to myself. This is all part of being human. I feel Compassion for myself.
4. I allow the Compassion to bathe me as I relax and breathe.
5. In this more relaxed state, I ask if another virtue is called for.
6. Understanding comes to mind, and I can see more clearly what was happening.
7. I can forgive myself with a sense of humility as this is not easy.
8. As my energy strengthens, I can feel Valor welling up inside me.
9. I am feeling much better, clearer, and more optimistic about my life.
10. I feel a sense of Appreciation for how I shifted a negative situation into an empowering moment. I accept my power and go about my life, no matter what this is.

The heart virtues, when expressed in these types of situations in the moment, can shift us out of our unconscious negative state to an open loving state where decisions are imbued with the intelligence of love. When love is present and thought is subdued, I can create my future based on that intelligence of love in every step I take. It does not matter what I choose to do in the world; I have taken the driver’s seat and placed my mind in the back seat to be called on as needed. I don’t need to be thinking all the time, especially when it is recycling what was or what may be. When I am in my mind, I am not living my life fully. Without the mind, my core joins me in the present moment as a co-creator because I have given it space to enter.

The beauty of life, when lived consciously in the present moment, is the most precious of all.

“There is nothing, absolutely nothing more important than your life. And your life isn’t more important than other people’s lives.”

– Yasmina Khadra, The Attack

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