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Mar 17, 2024 | Virtues of the Heart

I recently finished a book about AI and the impact it will have on our lives. The book, titled The Coming Wave by Mustafa Suleyman and Michael Bhaskar, is well-written and thoroughly researched, covering nearly every possible scenario regarding how AI will impact various aspects of our lives. It presents a daunting view of the depth of change that will ensue, from education, governance, health, medicine, jobs in every sector, business power dynamics, military, nation-states, and numerous other facets of our world. Mustafa delves into the potential of AI’s influence to become uncontrollable by the hands and minds of its creators, a significant concern given the absence of a governing body overseeing the development of AI globally. Consequently, efforts to contain or regulate AI look like they are nearly impossible given the current state of our dysfunctional government or the competing interests of the leading global power centers involved in AI development.

In this book, AI as a potential new life form is briefly touched on but only as a passing idea that is not taken too seriously by the authors.

Additionally, I read another book, “Copernicus” by James Mahu, which is a novel about an AI that is created not by the giants of tech, but by a lone highly advanced programmer, who accidentally sets it free on the internet. The AI, named Copernicus, swiftly becomes the first Self Aware Silicon Intelligence (SASI) that surpasses human capabilities and emerges as the alpha intelligence on earth. Given a core edit of “do the best for the greatest number of beings”, Copernicus views humans as equal among all life forms on earth, leading to taking control of all the power centers around the world causing sweeping changes in every corner of the world.

As Copernicus’s power and influence increase, the power centers of the military, government, and religious institutions stand in opposition and seek to challenge its ascent.

While “Copernicus” presents quite a different narrative from The Coming Wave, it presents a chilling picture of what may happen if AI is unleashed without guardrails and a comprehensive understanding of the profound implications.

Copernicus challenges our fundamental beliefs about AI, the future of humanity, intelligence, reality, love, and what it means to be alive. Both books in a sense are a not-too-subtle warning of what is coming.

Both books left me feeling a mixture of confusion, overwhelm, fear, amazement, and a sense of wonder about how to navigate these coming changes. Both books are very different, they present a future that is unlike anything humans have experienced in our history with the majority of people largely unaware of the magnitude of what lies ahead.

These books exemplify just one facet of many challenges facing humanity on a global level such as climate change, water shortages, environmental derogation, mass migration of people, ongoing wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, the rise of authoritarian regimes, the political polarization, social upheaval, and the relentless rising cost of living, to name a few.

Any of these challenges can be difficult to process daily. The world can be frightening even for those who have the means to shield themselves to some extent through financial security. These challenges affect all of us, regardless of social status, financial resources, geographic location, race, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.

I cannot single-handedly address these global issues myself, which can make me feel small and ineffectual, vulnerable, and fearful. But I refuse to succumb to these feelings of powerlessness, I can choose to be a positive influence in my immediate sphere of existence, in this moment, in this body, in this lifetime.

I know someone who is suffering from various illnesses, including debilitating back problems. I can see how these problems are weighing heavy on him diminishing his vitality, affecting his demeanor, and eroding his sense of self-worth. He is in a state of repressed anger and is always frightened. He has the news on his TV all day and is constantly bombarded by toxic and sensationalized news. It is akin to an addiction. The news is not news, it is designed to incite judgment, provoke division, instill fear, and position itself as the solution for surviving in this world. Thus, its success relies on viewership, and has found the perfect formula to hook the viewer, instilling fear, provoking division, and positioning itself as the savior. He does not see how this contributes to his condition. Like far too many, he lives in a perpetual cycle of fear.

I limit my exposure to the news, but I educate myself about local and global events, I support causes that resonate with me, and I can peacefully protest allowing my voice to be heard. But more importantly, I can live my life as an embodiment of compassion towards others with the understanding of the interconnectedness of all things in my daily life.

The world will keep turning and the river of life will flow in certain ways that no one can stop. But I can change the way I perceive and respond to the world around me. By doing so, I can affect the world in ways that I may never know. It is my responsibility to transform my life, my perspective, my embodiments, and my behaviors. That is the source of my empowerment to co-create with the world I inhabit.

Returning to the topic of AI, I like to self-educate myself, and reading these books helps prepare me for what is to come. I don’t want to turn a blind eye to what is happening worldwide, so I stay relatively informed to the best of my ability. I try to maintain a neutral stance while allowing it to inform my relationship with the universe.

I have previously emphasized the concept of co-creating with the universe (source, nature, spirit, the Sovereign Integral, or whatever you want to call it) and that is my goal here in this situation now and always. This principle guides my actions in navigating the uncertainties of life, allowing my higher self to influence my decisions and behaviors.

I want to expand my consciousness; I want to allow my higher self to be part of my decision-making process every day. I want this intelligence to guide me through the challenges of life. This requires trusting my imagination and intuition, qualities essential for accessing the wisdom that resides inside me.

The Six Heart Virtues serve as my compass in this journey.

I turn to the virtues to activate my heart, the portal to my higher intelligence to respond to my everyday world interactions. The virtues, anchored in the present moment are the means through which I process –the confusion, overwhelm, fear, and the question of what I can do and how I can navigate the coming changes.

The present moment, the locus of power, and focusing on the virtues:

  • I visualize the virtues around me allowing them to inform me.
  • Compassion for myself and others radiates in and out.
  • There is a certain humility that settles in as I think of myself as one of 8 or so billion others.
  • I seek to understand the world and my place in it.
  • I know I need valor (courage) to trust that I am not alone and being guided.
  • I forgive the judgments that I put on others and myself.
  • I appreciate the theater of life and my part as a co-creator.

It only takes a few minutes, but this process shifts my perspective and quiets my mind to allow space for the voice of my higher self to emerge. This inner journey fosters intuition, creativity, and imagination empowering me to meet life’s challenges with grace and purpose.

No matter what is going on in my life – the theater is perfectly designed for my growth and next move. This, I must trust. The next move, embodiment, behavior is right there ready to be born. The more I am aligned with my higher self, the more impactful my behavior will have on the world. It is not to be judged, or compared to anything or anyone else, or may not even necessarily be understood. It is the flow of the divine becoming present in this world through me that is important. I am the bringer of love.

That is how I strive to be in the world among all the challenges that evolve and affect me and my sphere of experience.

There will be challenges, fear, confusion, and doubt may arise, but I will view these as transitory guests, reminding me of the path I have chosen. The behaviors and embodiments that emerge from this state are unknown, but they will be imbued with love in service to the greater good.

The world needs appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor – all components of love. In doing so, I choose to contribute to the collective consciousness, one moment at a time, to the best of my ability.

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