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When the Dalai Lama was asked what religion he was, his answer was “kindness”

Kindness is an act of being friendly, generous, and/or considerate.

Kindness is a recognition that everyone is part of the field that we all share and connects us all. It is an act of connecting to another. The act itself is born in the pure essence of who we are beyond the human form and is expressed outwardly in physical reality. It is an expression of the Devine through me or you.

Kindness can manifest in many forms, from a gentle smile to providing a lifelong helping hand where needed.

What happens when we are kind?

We become the vibratory essence of the Devine, which enables us to resonate this vibration through an act of kindness or behavior out into the world. We are the means or the instrument by which this can happen here in this reality. This is what life is for.

It was a common scientific experiment in school growing up that a tuning fork that is vibrating will affect another tuning fork to vibrate at the same frequency; the energy that we emanate is being sent out into the world that others will feel and is causing resonance. It is invisible but is a well know fact of science. One oscillating system will find resonance with another oscillating system. In this case, it is the frequency of love that we transfer. This is why kindness, giving, and receiving are so fulfilling.

The unbearable lightness of kindness and the shopping cart

Sometimes the simplest act of kindness can result in an unexpected reaction. My wife and I were going shopping, and as I walked toward the store, I noticed a woman emptying her shopping cart into her car.

As I passed, I could see I was finished, and I spontaneously said, “Do you want me to take your cart back for you.”

She turned and looked at me and said, “You would do that? That is so nice of you?”

I said, “No problem.”

Still looking at me, she said, “That has never happened to me before; that is so nice,” and she continued: “I can take it back myself, but thank you very much.”

I said, “Are you sure? I’m going that way; I don’t mind.”

She replied in a joyful voice, “No, but you have made my day; you have made my day!” She repeated.

I said, ” ok,” and I continued walking as I smiled at her.

As I entered the store, she was a few yards behind me as she returned her cart and called out in a booming voice through the store, “You made my day, you made my day, you made my day, thank you!”

I was so taken aback by her reaction that I couldn’t help laughing as her voice filled the store. I turned, looked at her affectionately, and waved goodbye as if she were a close friend.

That certainly lifted my day, and I have no doubt it stayed with her for the rest of the day and who knows how long.

Now here I am writing about the experience that lasted a minute or two, but its impact still continues and now has traveled around the world. The act was energy creation, and energy cannot die; it only transmutes and continues to live in the field. We are energy creators.

Expressing one act of kindness after another slowly creates a shift of consciousness. A consciousness of connectedness to all. Nothing is outside of us; we are interconnected to everything.

This can be difficult to comprehend in our daily lives because it is invisible, but when I can imagine and sense that a stranger is no longer a stranger, they are connected to me, I cannot walk by them without feeling this connection. It can lead to a gentle smile, opening a door, looking into their eyes, a kind word, or just offering a blessing. Sometimes it is just an inner acknowledgment that we are connected. It is a way for me to be in the world and see everyone as a potential friend or that they are equal to me and on the same journey with the same purpose. It becomes a natural, effortless extension of my life path. As I practice this, I extend this to people, animals, nature, the sky, water, food, the air, and everything that comes to my awareness. I feel it in my body as a vibration that feels good. Actually, it feels ecstatic.

Sometimes this is very challenging because some people or situations are unpleasant, nasty, or worst, harmful to me or others. My challenge, then, is not to be kind to them in the sense that I overlook their harmful actions, but I can bless them, which may mean I speak up or defend myself or others against injustice.

This is the Art of The Genuine in applying the six heart virtues of valor, compassion, humility, and forgiveness even to those we don’t like. These virtues shift our emotional state of fear, distrust, disdain, or judgment to the virtues that help manage our emotions so we can respond with care and understanding. If we are interconnected to all things, there are no exceptions, even the darkest manifestations.

Kindness is a means by which we can expand our consciousness from separate ego-silo thinking to wholeness interconnectedness. We must move to this new realization of interconnectedness to solve some of our most vexing global problems. They will not be solved with the ego mindset.

We are energy creators; what energy we create is our choice.

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