Imagine That – Part Two – Proof

Jul 18, 2023 | Virtues of the Heart

If I need proof before I enter the unknown, I will never experience something new

I want to believe that there is a way to live my life that is rewarding, creative, fun, loving, and understanding the meaning of life. I want to believe that there is more than meets the eye when we look at our present reality. I want to believe that I am not just a human being with a limited life span and limited understanding of who and what I am. There is no shortage of writing and information on this subject from science, ancient wisdom traditions, modern mystics, and religion, but many would say there is no proof of life after death or that there is a Soul or some spiritual realm of existence beyond the physical body.

Science being the predominant arbitrator of what is true for most people has not found proof of any life after death or a spiritual realm, thus it has labeled these ideas as naïve, fantasy, or conspiracy thinking with no basis in reality.

We rely on science to validate much of our understanding of the world around us, and they do a good job helping us to understand many things. Our own life experience will tend to give us a sense of proof also, the trial-and-error method of pushing boundaries.

When we have a feeling that something is true, how can we prove something that cannot be seen, touched, or that science or society says is not true? Does it require proof? How do we venture outside of our comfort zone of what we thought is impossible or unknown?

There are some things we cannot know; things, ideas, concepts, or beliefs that science cannot support with evidence in the form of truth. What about those things that we think may be true? What is our role in imagining something that cannot be proved by science or accepted by most people?

What do we use as our guide, our arbiter, our validator? What keeps us believing in something that society rejects, ridicules, or says is naïve thinking, fantasy, or conspiracy thinking? No one wants to be ridiculed or shamed.

To inhabit that place of uncertainty while being committed to a path of exploration requires courage and trust in one’s ability to discern what is right for us. The heart virtues can be applied in this process as we will need to have compassion for ourselves, and we will need to understand the path we take as well as understanding those that disagree with us. Forgiveness of those who disagree with us, and having the humility to know that we are human and doing our best at exploring the unknown.

Imagination requires the development of our feeling or intuitive sense. We have all had experiences when we did not listen to our inner voice and later we came to regret it. It works the opposite also when we do listen to that voice and something unexpected happens and we feel blessed to have acted on the intuitive impulse.

Listening to this feeling or inner voice becomes a knowing of the heart and it guides us. This practice of inner listening is a feeling of resonance and a connection to the world around us. Truth is realized in life experience, in a serendipitous experience, or sometimes it is in the relative truth of spoken words, that are in alignment with our path. These are the markers of our path and the “proof “of our intention to expand and grow. All of these markers may leave us without any of the socially accepted proof of science, religious text, tribalism, media, government, family tradition, or education, but they are our experiential validation. Life is not finished, we are not finished, and truth is relative to the time-space we are in. Truth changes with time.

Trusting our own ability to discern what is beneficial for our expansion is the muscle that needs flexing. The heart is the system of transmitting and receiving our higher intelligence and the unknown or source. There are some things that we cannot know at this time, they are too far outside our current collective knowledge base.

Imagination and intuition are the method we use to venture outside the box we have come to accept as our life, our reality.

As an artist, it is easier for me to create something new in the form of art. It is fun and exciting to create art, particularly when I am creating from my heart. There is no agenda, in that I am not doing this for an expectation, acknowledgment from others, or exclusively for profit. It is pure creation in the moment and the focus is only on that. Once a creation is complete then it can have a life of its own, it can be displayed in my home, entered in a show, sold, or given away.

Life can be looked at the same way, I am the artist of my life. All the brush strokes, colors, and shapes are my behaviors and actions in my life experience. My life is my canvas or block of marble which I create. What do I want to create on the canvas of life today?

The Canvas of Life

When I wake in the morning there is a moment when I am at peace, awakened consciousness is settling in, but my mind is quiet. This only lasts a few seconds, or a minute and it is then that I can imagine my day and set the stage for my day. It is a declaration of what I intend to create this day through imagination. It may seem simple, but it brings presence to my life and intention and a willingness to be creative.

In that fleeting moment, if I can remember, I repeat the following:

I am here
In this body right now
I’m very grateful to be here
I am looking forward to co-creating with the universe today
I will meet this day with allowance, neutrality and presence
I imagine my Sovereign Integral as a close companion today
My heart is open and will guide me today

This all happens in my imagination and takes a few seconds, but it has the potential of transporting me into a new future if I maintain those declarations of intent. My life actions and behaviors are the embodiments of these imagined declarations. I become that.

Sometimes I do this same process just before I fall asleep, which is an equally good time to make these declarations of intent. The point is that I am very present, my mind is quiet and there are no distractions which is the best space for my imagination to blossom.

Imagine something new, something you don’t need proof of before you start. Something small or something that is just outside of your realm of current reality.

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