I wake up. I will remember. I will forget.

Sep 22, 2023 | Virtues of the Heart

I wake up in the morning. The thoughts in my head are activated, where am I? What day is it? What am I doing today?

My subconscious shrouds my clarity like an invisible dark cloud filled with history, old patterns, and the programming of social order that weighs on my will to be joyful.

I am conscious, but I’m being pulled into the habitual patterns of my unconscious life.

I become aware of the thoughts in my mind.

I’m attaching to some of them already. I notice!

I stop, relax, and release. Ah, I consciously reach for a lifeline!

I create a moment of choice.

I ask myself.

What do I choose to embody now and for this day?

I visualize the six heart virtues around me, my heart in the center. The Six Heart Virtue Grid is activated.

This fills me with a sense of peace and what is possible as a co-creator.

I declare that I am the embodiment of the six heart virtues, now and as much as I can throughout my day.

I’m off to a good start after all, or am I?

I will forget.

I will remember.

I will embody appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor in many situations in my day.

They will be expressed in my behaviors, actions, and intentions.

They will come to me as intuitive insights, answers, feelings, and expressions like an act of kindness to a stranger or I will listen deeply when in the presence of another.

I will forget.

I will remember.

I will remember to have compassion for myself.

This is not easy.

I will see the world and myself in neutrality. Without judgment.

I will forget.

I will remember.

I will be present and remember to connect to my heart.

I will forget. Maybe for hours. I will take steps backward.

I will remember. Maybe only for a moment. I will take a step forward.

I will allow what is.

I will forget.

I will remember.

This will be the path of my consciousness bouncing around in the movie of my life.

So goes my day, it is a series of conscious doing and unconscious doing. Trying to bring balance into my life as a human being and as an interconnected consciousness. Gradually, and hopefully, my day is expressed more as conscious doing and less as a limited, social order-compliant, ego-directed being.

This is life as an evolving conscious being, constantly expanding, changing, and becoming more conscious. It is not a race and not about the accumulation of more knowledge. It is about embodying the heart.

It is being in harmony with Source. The source we see at every moment is never absent, never hidden, and always present in everything we see around us.

There is nothing that is not the source, everything is a doorway to the source.

While science pursues the idea of the “Grand Unified Theory” sometimes called “The Theory of Everything”, (which I refer to as Source), we as individuals, can experience it, connect to it, and benefit from it by aligning with it. It is as close as the next conscious breath.

It is easy to forget and get sidetracked by the mind’s obsession with the future and past and all our perceived problems. We must contend with the historical momentum of hundreds of thousands of years of human patterns. Plenty of self-compassion is required.

“The obstacle in front of me is not in the way, it is the way.”

–Thomas Hubl

For the vast majority of us, it is not a sudden transformation, it is the gradual step-by-step intention to make a choice to embody the behaviors of the heart.

We have endless opportunities to make this choice as long as we are breathing. The moments of connection, sensing, and expressing Source vibration that moves through us are worth the long and difficult journey.

I will forget.

I will remember.

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