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Aug 22, 2023 | Virtues of the Heart

​”The person I see is not there to make me happy–they are there to make me conscious.

The world is there to make me conscious.

The challenges of life are there to awaken me/”

— Eckhart Tolle

Sometimes the above quotes are very hard to accept, the person in front of me is pushing my buttons and I react with judgment, anger, and an urge to respond in kind. This is true in many other situations as well.

For example, the war in Ukraine is weighing heavy on me. Despite various views that people have, the fact is that many people are dying needlessly, and the suffering must be unimaginable on both sides. This pain and suffering are on display in the media 24/7 and I can get depressed if I let this consume me. It can add to my sense of being powerless as a helpless observer.

In this case, the person that often appears in front of me is Vladimir Putin. Judgments are ignited. In my mind, he is a person driven by the need for grandiose power with no regard for human life. He has lost his connection to any sense of his soul, humanity, compassion, and connection to anyone, he sees everyone as a threat to his position of power.

This is my personal view; it is not true or false. It is but one experience of one human life dealing with one’s own challenges of life. My life. It does not require proof or more knowledge, it is an experiential experience of its own that must be met in the moment to “become conscious”. It is my experience although some may relate, and some may be vastly different.

So back to the quote, is he there to make me conscious? If I accept the quote, the answer is yes. Then I except the opportunity to become more conscious.

How do I become more conscious through someone I despise?

Recently, I was watching an interview with Rupert Spira, the very wise spiritual teacher, and he addressed this very situation in a beautiful way.

But first, the underlying premise of the quotes above is, that we are all from the same source and as such, we are all equal and have free will in the sense that I can choose what I project on the screen of life. We are birthed from the same source, and all are part of an unknowable whole. This unknowable whole gives life to all equally and everything lives in the Unknowable.

In this premise, the person that I see is the outer image, the projected character on the screen of life. The character that I see has decided, to put himself above all others and see himself as separate. He forgot that he was one of many and connected to all as equals. He is lost and blind. I think we can all be guilty of this to varying degrees. He is extreme, but one of many.

He also made the choice to embrace power as his prime purpose in life and to hold this power, he will do anything to maintain it. Apparently, there is no limit to what he will do to remain in power.

Back to Rupert Spira, who in this interview was asked how he deals with these types of people, and he used the example of Vladimir Putin also. He said he had a practice that he does often, and it goes like this.

He closes his eyes, takes a breath, and visualizes two people before him. One person would be someone he loves and feels very good visualizing them. He can feel their essence and feels connected to them on a very deep level.

The other person he visualized was Putin, whom he despised among other feelings. But in this exercise, the point was to see past the projected image and see the source that is behind the projection. His goal was to have the same feeling as he had with the person he loves or at least close to it. I have to say this is no easy exercise and you may even ask, why would I even do this?

This is not a practice to change this person, dismiss him, ignore him, or find him acceptable.

This practice is all about me. This is an opportunity to witness how I unconsciously process the world that I see. I am trying to see what lies behind the projection on the screen of my life. In doing this it is a choice to raise my consciousness by seeing the truth of what I see. To see if I can choose to see the source in all things. This is an opportunity to shift my consciousness to observe the theater of life being played out in front of me and not perpetuate the idea of separateness any longer or at least for this practice.

Putin exists and there is nothing I can do about that. The US, European Union, and others known and unknown are doing all they can to help resolve this situation. I cannot change the world, but I can change my level of consciousness. Change happens one individual at a time, I am one person who sees separation and makes a choice to invite interconnectedness into my life as a behavior. This is the ripple that is sent out in all directions and all dimensions and as other individuals add their own ripples, change happens on the collective level. The ratio keeps expanding for all.

When I do this exercise, I add one more element. I visualize the six heart virtues around me, and in the stillness of sensing and listening, I allow them to inform me and/or be expressed through me. This once again, is an act of love for any situation, person, group, or any life form that is lacking in love. I am the bringer of love to the space of lack in this exercise.

I may not be able to express much in terms of forgiveness for now, but my intention is to see the truth behind what I see, even if I am imperfect this time around.

“The person I see is not there to make me happy–they are there to make me conscious.”

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