Dec 8, 2022 | Virtues of the Heart

“You can look at the six virtues (appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor) as musical notes. If you strike these notes simultaneously, there is a chord, and this chord is divine love—the highest vibration contained within the quantum field that a human can receive and transmit.”

–James Mahu, Living from the Heart, pg 5

We are reminded above that the expression of virtues is the equivalence of expressing love. In this, we are the bringer of love to any situation we encounter in our life sphere (local multiverse). If that is the case, and as the song goes, “what the world needs most is love, sweet love,” it becomes our responsibility to spread this love. Where love is absent, we can make it present. This includes when we withhold love from ourselves also.

Forgiveness can be offered to another, a group, or an event in the past, or I can ask for forgiveness for my errors when I have been in error or caused harm.

It is easy to feel helpless in the plight of others, particularly those in faraway parts of the world. This can also be true even for those who live next door, who suffer in silence.

If I judge, resent, or condemn someone, I link myself to that person on an emotional level; it is a weight I carry, strengthened by my continued focus on them. It becomes a heavy emotional obstacle to the flow of love. I am only viewing in duality, good and bad. I do not see our connection. I see myself as separate, an ego who needs to be afraid of what I view as my enemy. I think this person can somehow hurt me, which is my unconscious justification. I think it would be fair to say we all do this at times.

Sometimes when watching the news (although I watch much less these days), I get triggered by something or someone. This is particularly true of politics. It is no surprise that politics is a hot topic with vastly differing views. Some politicians can push my buttons, and I can be quick to judge and condemn them as negative, harmful, or even dangerous to our social order. I may feel quite justified as they are so opposite to my views and beliefs.

I feel anger, judgment, and resentment, and I don’t like the feeling. It is dark, troubling, and makes me unsettled and scattered. I have lost my connection to my spirit (or center).

If I believe that I am the bringer of love to any situation, then there is no situation where I can withhold love. I ask myself; how can I apply the six heart virtues to this?

Staying with the example of the politician, I know I need to clear my emotional state around my condemnation of this person. I know judgment stems from a belief in separation. I ask myself, “is forgiveness the appropriate virtue here?” I don’t know because I feel justified in my judgments of them and what I think is their negative impact on my world. I think I’m right or at least my ego self does!

So, I put forgiveness aside for now.

I call on another virtue; I want to understand this person and ask for an understanding of why he is the way he is and why I react the way I do. I listen to my heart, and the answer comes quickly. They reflect my own insecurities and my feelings of separateness. The politician is the mirror of my ego projections. In a real sense, they are me or the outward projection of the inner unconscious me.

That can be hard to swallow! 

But I listen to my heart and take responsibility for my own projections. My hidden unconscious thoughts and beliefs are projected out and returned to me as a perception of reality. Projection = Perception.

Somehow this has shifted my willingness to forgive, if only a little. I can forgive myself first. In this, there is a clarity forming in me that is illuminating my inner relationship with this person. Compassion for myself and them emerges. We are both locked in a projected reality of separation and othering. I send myself forgiveness and also to them. The process goes like this:

  1. I notice I am in judgment and blame, feelings of fear reign
  2. I pause; I take a breath
  3. I become present in the moment; I release thoughts
  4. I connect to my heart
  5. I focus on virtues, understanding, compassion, forgiveness
  6. Love enters my local multiverse
  7. My inner and outer reality shifts, clarity forms, peace, and an empowered purpose emerge

I can not change anyone, but I can change myself and how I behave when I experience my perceived reality. My goal is to align my heart, emotions, mind, and body in a coherent source of higher intelligence. Seeing a larger picture. My emotions led me astray, and my mind tried to justify my discomfort, but when I invited my heart in, it illuminated a larger picture.

This is finding peace with what is and expanding my consciousness. 

When I can contemplate the interconnectedness between me and the person who seems to be out there, I take a small step towards oneness (or the Sovereign Integral). I see a larger picture emerging. I may not have the full understanding yet, but I am moving in that direction, and I can feel it. I gain a sense of ease and confidence, not by changing out there, but by taking responsibility for my choices and changing my inner perspective.

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