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Oct 2, 2022 | Virtues of the Heart

I tend to be a visual person and sometimes I need to create drawings that help me visually see the process or a system to understand it better.

Such is the case with the graphic below, which was adapted from a graphic by James. It shows the process from sensory input coming into my human self, processed and then sent out as actions and behaviors. If I choose to process the input through my heart using the six heart virtues, I can begin to interact with my local multiverse and infuse it with the hearts intelligence.

Using this sheet I can track my progress by noting the When, Which, How of the virtue(s) experience. This sheet was a temporary aid for me to remember how the process works. Once I am working with the virtues regularly, I move on to just recording any given virtues experience.

Input in…processing through the heart…activating the higher mind…behavioral output.

It’s just a guide for contemplation and Understanding.

This is one of many sheets I used, if it resonates with you give it a try.

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Wingmakers Study Groups

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