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Feb 29, 2024 | Virtues of the Heart




  1. The way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially toward others.
  2. The way in which an animal or person acts in response to a particular situation.

“The key to behavioral evolution is in the intersection of the highest heart and the highest mind, where they become equal partners in the learning and expression of an interconnected life.”

James Mahu, MOCI Founding Insights, pg. 6

Behaviors and actions are how we show up in the world; our behavior is the mark we leave on the world. Our behavior shows how we process our relationship with the world or reality. How we behave is a choice.

Every choice we make is reflected in our behaviors. A behavior is a physical manifestation requiring action by the body. Choices are made through our interactions and relationships in our reality. Some behaviors are born out of the lower, dualistic ego mind, which is, for most of us, the default pattern. Some behaviors are born and nurtured from the heart. There is a vast difference.

For our purposes here, we can look at ourselves as having three parts. The mind/ego dominates our lives and can ignore and view the other two parts as unimportant. Our goal is to unify them because expressing our full potential depends on this unification.

Here they are:

1. Mind and Social Intelligence (The Default Choice):

The mind (social intelligence) uses words, images, and numbers to communicate. The mind/ego draws from the social program. If the mind is allowed to reign, the body is appropriated, thus our behaviors are mind/ego generated. Heart and infinite consciousness are locked out.

We make a choice to process and react to a given situation through alignment with the mind and social conditioning. Social intelligence dominates the world we live in. The mind is focused on judgment, attack, blame, punishment, jealousy, anger, and survival. Thus, our behaviors are fused with these lower fear-based thoughts. All behaviors arise from within. Thus, the choice must be made before we give it to our mind (by default).

2. Heart and Emotional Intelligence (The Pause Choice):

The heart (emotional intelligence) uses feelings and empathy to communicate. The heart is the portal to our higher intelligence, our essence, higher self, Sovereign, or Soul. The heart must be invited back into the mix with equal standing in the processing of reality.

The energetic heart is focused on feelings, empathy, compassion, and the willingness to see the interconnectedness of all things. Through these expressions, we can co-create with the universe as artists of our reality. The virtues of the heart are all aspects of love, which introduce this into all areas of our lives.

3. Infinite Consciousness and Behavioral Intelligence:

Infinite consciousness (Soul, Higher self, Sovereign, interconnectedness, love) expresses its presence through behaviors. This presence is the highest intelligence that unifies, sees, and includes all. It is at least being “open to” the larger picture that is required to fully appreciate and thrive as a co-creator in this world. For this to happen, it needs to have access to the body/mind/ego and heart/emotional systems. In other words, it works with the wholeness of who we are to express itself here in this world.

Infinite consciousness is the highest form of intelligence and is the overarching consciousness that includes humans, and everything known and unknown. Its intelligence is our right, it is a part of us and we have access to it. It is this infinite and boundless intelligence that all spiritual seekers seek in their way. It is accessed by unifying all parts of what we call “me,” body/mind/ego/heart/emotions, to function as one coherent creative behavioral life force.

So, how can I do that?

We make choices all the time, and most of these choices are by default because we are submerged in social programming or conditioning. This leads to reacting and behaving in the same pattern in many life situations. It is not good or bad; it just is. Our default choice, (if we can call it a choice), to react to any given situation happens so fast that we are not aware that we even have a choice.

The reason we stay in this cycle is that it is familiar and self-perpetuating; the ego/mind will do anything to keep us in this state. That includes discouraging any attempt to make another choice.

There is a way out of the labyrinth of limiting self-destructive behaviors. But as is always the case, we must become aware (or conscious) of it. It is so normal we don’t even question it because we are immersed in the social program. We do feel its effects though and it is not the way we want to live.

Here’s an example of how it works:

We all have had experiences where we are confronted by someone who we may find unpleasant toward us. They may be overbearing, demeaning, disrespectful, abrasive, judgmental, or hurtful in some way towards us. We are repelled by them. It can even be a momentary passing where we pick up a vibe from someone who is behaving in a manner, we find uncomfortable.

Like most of us, I react to these situations by default, activating my mind/ego response. It usually starts with judgment, which gives the ego permission to dump its justifications.

But what if I can catch myself just before the default reaction happens? That is the moment of presence and the moment of power to choose another path. In a sense, it is the magic doorway out of the prison of the social program. I realize that I have a choice in how I can respond to the situation. This is self-empowerment. It is fleeting though.

There are many ways we can respond to these situations, but I am going to break it down into two options:

1. Option One: By Default

  • My mind/ego is activated and thus starts a familiar pattern of limitation, and negative behaviors (as mentioned above), leading to vulnerability, fear, and a perpetual state of unhappiness and feeling unfulfilled.

2. Option Two: Pause, Observe, and Reflect. Activate the Heart.

  • I pause for an instant of consciousness, I enter the moment of power.
  • I see I can make a choice. I set a new intention.
  • I begin to activate and focus on my heart.
  • I apply the first virtue, compassion to myself.
  • I begin to sense and apply the other virtues.
  • I may apply forgiveness to myself for judging this person.
  • I may apply humility because I do not know this person and why they behave the way they do.
  • That is where valor comes in to support me in this quest to look deeper. It requires courage.
  • I ask my higher self for understanding.
  • I appreciate that I made a new choice to see differently.

I am going through a process of resetting my state of being. It gives me a new perspective on the situation or person. I am not living by default. I have taken the power to shift my state and thus my behaviors. I have blended my heart with my mind to expand my understanding and free myself from the negative influence of the mind/ego.

By opening my heart intelligence, I have created an opening for the higher self to enter and guide my thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

I have become the embodiment of my higher self, maybe for a few moments, but nonetheless, I have taken control of myself and freed myself to behave as a reflection of my highest self. This is manifested through my behaviors.

I feel a sense of peace and compassion, and I have clarity of my place in the world and my ability to navigate any situation. The universe becomes my friend and co-creator. Love wells up in me, and I walk differently, I speak differently, I behave differently.

It may only last a few minutes, or hours, or if I’m lucky days, but this is who I want to be in the world.

My intention is set, and that is the most important decision I can make.

“Behavioral wisdom is our future home. The vanguard has begun. We anchor it here on earth in our bodies, hearts, and minds. We embody this alignment without fanfare or title. We forgive shortcomings, understanding that they are part of the wholeness of the journey that supports our infinite selves. We hold firm to the commitment of our purpose.”

“Commitment is the engine. The practice of behavioral wisdom is the fuel. The vehicle is you.”

Behavioral Wisdom blog, James Mahu,

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