Practicing the Six Heart Virtues

Welcome to my blog which chronicles one person’s path of living from the heart.

While there are countless ways to embrace a heart-centered life, this blog focuses on the practice of the Six Heart Virtues as a guiding framework.

Through sharing personal experiences, insights, and reflections, I hope to inspire and encourage others on their own unique journeys towards higher consciousness and a deeper connection with their true essence.

Join me as I explore the power of the Six Heart Virtues and the profound transformation they can bring to one’s life.

The Six Heart Virtues

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Moments of Bliss

Moments of Bliss

I have mentioned several times in my blogs that I have blissful or ecstatic moments while walking...

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Curiosity + Open Mind + Open Heart = Seeker of Truth

I consider myself a fairly ordinary person; I grew up in Canada and developed a talent in art at an early age. That talent would lead me to a career in advertising and graphic design. Later in my life, I became a sculptor which I continue to this day.

Throughout my life, I was a searcher.

The 6 Heart Virtues

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